This is the provisional website of Mr. Writer, an Amsterdam-based agency for content creation and strategy. Mr. Writer was established early 2017 as a Dutch cooperative with three founding partners: Marcel van de Hoef, Kees Versluis en Loek Caris.

Mr. Writer works with a small, permanent core and is supported by a flexible team of the best creatives, strategists and content producers in the Netherlands. On a day-to-day basis, the agency is led by Marcel van de Hoef, Kees Versluis and Loek Caris. They worked for many years in various journalism roles before gaining extensive experience in financial and corporate communications and online publishing.

The right team for each project

Mr. Writer focuses on providing (digital) content and communications advice to corporate businesses and promising international startups in finance, technology and energy. Using our news judgment, common sense and sector expertise, we challenge our clients and provide them with advice on what to say, how and to whom. As soon as we have gained sufficient insight into the relevant context and audience, we preferably start creating content right away. Thanks to our flexible shell, we are able to assemble the right team for each project.

Our key strengths:

  • Focus on copy and other (digital) content
  • Background in journalism and management/strategy roles
  • Specific sector expertise in finance and technology (we know the jargon and, more importantly, how to avoid it)
  • Dutch and (American) English
  • One stop shop for text, visuals and strategy