Writing means thinking

Our name refers to much more than simply typing in a text on a computer screen. To us, writing means thinking clearly. And clear thinking is the basis of everything we do: from developing a communication or content strategy to producing digital magazines, corporate films, infographics, annual reports and yes, even typing in a text on a computer screen.

Mr. Writer, why don’t you tell it like it is?
Why don’t you tell it like it really is?
Before you go on home
— Stereophonics

Good content starts with good insight

Insight is always the starting point for Mr. Writer. To be able to work with the subject matter, we have to understand it. Researching the context is the basis of our approach. Using this insight we look for the story behind the facts.

We do it together

Cooperation is at the heart of our approach. Thanks to our flexible team of creative specialists we are able to offer a complete content portfolio of the highest quality. At the same time we work closely with our clients – because two heads are better than one, because we can learn a lot from one another and because only by working together can we keep improving our focus.

Shaping the message

Messages do not carry the same punch in every carrier. Mr. Writer chooses the most suitable carrier to tell the story. That means no standard video from the CEO on the quarterly results if a good infographic works better. Our starting point is to always be brief, to the point and perfectly clear.