What we do

Mr. Writer provides content and consultancy services to help clients communicate more effectively with all of their target groups, including employees, investors, business partners and customers. As former journalists and editors-in-chief, we are trained in identifying appealing stories within organizations and knowing how to tell them. Using our broad flexible team and experience in managing creative teams, we are able to provide clients with the copy, design and strategy they need. Here's a selection of what we do and create:


We develop, improve and restyle (digital) magazines. And when they are good and ready, we produce them. Strategic ideas are seamlessly translated into a hands-on approach.


We contribute ideas for internal and external campaigns and provide the necessary content, for example in the form of newsletters, books, white papers and brochures. Thanks to our flexible team we are able to provide not only copy and advice but also videos (and scripts for videos), animations, web design, photography and infographics.


We produce annual reports, sustainability reports, annual plans and activity plans. We are not afraid to break with reporting tradition and make the target group – not the organization – the focus of reporting.


Our background stories, interviews, press releases, online articles, final edits and corrections best reflect our roots in journalism. We provide accessible, compact and informative copy.

Interim professionals

We provide interim editors-in-chief who are able to manage small and large editorial teams, interim content managers who can adapt to the editorial language quickly, ad hoc copywriters and communication consultants and managers on a project basis. 

Quick scan

What goes right and what goes wrong in an organization’s internal and external communication? Mr. Writer pinpoints this within a couple of workdays and makes proposals for strategic, tactical and operational improvements.